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Bulb Source is  the low cost best brand supplier for New Orleans when it comes to commercial grade HID lamps.  Our lamps are manufactured with you in mind.  We offer high-quality components, heavy-duty construction, durable packaging and a full warranty. With so many options to choose from, including pulse start, clear and coated, open fixture rated and our new ColorMaster PRO ceramic metal halides, Bulb Source's HIDs are a high quality flexible option.





metal halide lamps  

Long Life
Less frequent re-lamping reduces
maintenance costs

High Output & Efficiency
Reduced power consumption saves money
on electricity costs

Low Color Shift
Produces consistent lighting over the life of
the lamp

Superior Lumen Maintenance
More usable light over time extends the
useful life of the lamp

Universal Burn
Reduces SKU count in inventory

Heavy Gauge Glass, Metal & Connections
Commercial grade lamps for long term
durability and reliability

RoHS Compliant




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