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COLOR-BRITE PLUS™ Fluorescent Bulbs · Fluorescent Lamps
Energy Saving · Full-Spectrum T10 and T12 Bulbs






Using Color-Brite Plus T10 fluorescent bulbs can save you up to 50% on your energy bill. Simply, replace two T12 cool
white lamps with one T10 of the same wattage.
This savings comes with higher color rendition.  With a tri-phosphor coating, Color-Brite Plus T10 lamps offer
an 88 CRI - one of the highest available, and 5000K (full-spectrum) or 4100 output.
Why is this important?  Color is critical in retail locations where a product's appearance determines how well it will sell.  In Offices,
hospitals, hotels, schools and other interiors, full-spectrum light creates more pleasant, comfortable surroundings. Sensational, natural
colors result from using the right light - COLOR-BRITE PLUS T10 light.
COLOR-BRITE PLUS fluorescent bulbs  fit in standard T12 fixtures, and the slightly smaller T10 shape makes it an easy-to-install 
replacement for T12 bulbs.

30,000 Average Rated Life · Color Rendering Index 88

Ships Nationwide
will call warehouses  Dallas, TX  • Chicago IL • Las Vegas NV • Kansas KS

Watts Bulb
Description Color
Temp (K)
8.60 each
25 per case
L-360 40 T10 F40 T10 CB / 41 4100 215.00 Out Of Stock
L365 40 T10 F40 T10 CB /50 5000 215.00 Out Of Stock


Offer Quality Light

The 40 watt COLOR-BRITE bulbs
offer 3650 to 3700 lumens, so users can
save money without decreasing light quality.
Better light output and color are also
achieved through the addition of a 
triphosphor coating in the manufacturing process.

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 Fluorescent Bulbs ARE NOT SHIPPED to Alaska, Hawaii, or PR
Fluorescent Bulbs are not shipped outside of the United States